Pieter Jossa


Walking this earth

It's been a long and interesting ride, moving between spaces and people only to become my own best friend. Fluctuating between lost and found at the speed of light. I've discovered many aspects of myself the artist, as the true conceptualization of the self. On the verge of becoming a healer through self healing and endless confrontations. On my journey I've studied multiple disciplines and this expansion is a never ending journey which reflects itself through my art. There are many aspects to be explored as a yogi, artist, healer but most of all as a human being within an endless cosmic dance.
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Digital art projects


I'm open for collaboration, commissions or simply a talk.

Email: me@pieterjossa.com
Facebook: Pieter Jossa

Where, what, why

Moving around a lot at this time
Mainly studying bodywork and working on some collaborations.