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Virtual arts and bodyworks
Born in Belgium 1988

Lives everywhere

Nomadic artist with focus on body, the external as internal, being the conceptualization of the self. The virtual as spiritual principle. Reality as liquid. The things that make it feel solid are the belief systems, which are morphic fields supported by fixation within the collective. Bodyworker where the body becomes the facilitator of such fixations manifested within its bodyarmor.



Stimulation Overload - US

Ecocore zine, Artwork feature -

Feature in NYT for the wrong -

Iconic digital biennale - Second place with the work "The virtual body"

Superchief HD - NY


The wrong art biennale -
Plasma Embassy, Argentina - Virtual altar, Video and visuals

PostPost, London, GB -
Talk on symbolism - Real-time visuals
Bloesem Kunst, -
BE Print 90*90 - Virtual reality


An Honest mimic,Vancouver, CA -

La casa ninja, BE -

Online residency, Postmatter, GB

Data parade, US

The creator's project, Interview, Vice, US -

Rendertime, In de ruimte, Gent, BE -

Stimulation overload, US

Felt magazine, Online platform, US -


Resultant festival, Neon Cinema RS -

S*W*I*M* A day online irl, BE

Terras festival II, BE

Soozze, Online platform, US -


Tom Boy Tom cat, E-Zine, US

Terras festival, BE