As an artist

Online platforms


Digital arts

Born in Belgium 1988
Lives everywhere

Traveling 3D/VR artist concerned with esoteric and multicultural symbolism. Exchanges and deconstruction of symbolic entities through redirection of its auric powers. Molded and shifted as it becomes clear that all is the conceptual power of collective indoctrination and subjective manifestation of the self.

2017 The wrong art biennale - Plasma Embassy, Argentina
Virtual altar, Video and visuals
PostPost, London, GB
Talk on symbolism - Real time visuals
Bloesem kunst, BE
Print 90*90 - Virutal reality
2016 An Honest mimic,Vancouver, CA
La casa nija, BE
Online residency, Postmatter, GB
Data parade, US
The creators project, Interview, Vice, US
Rendertime, In de ruimte, Gent, BE
Stimulation overload, US
Felt magazine, Online platform, US
2015 Resultant festival, Neon Cinema RS
S*W*I*M* A day online irl, BE
Terras festival II, BE
Soozze, Online platform, US
2014 Tom Boy Tom cat, E-Zine, US
Terras festival, BE

As a bodyworker

A list of all my teachers and styles/practices I studied in order to heal myself and generate the capacity to heal others. A more in-depth exploration of these topics you may find on my blog.

Ancient massage and Shamanism - Rahul Bharti - Pondicherry - India
Over the course of 2.5 months we went deeper into yoga massage techniques, hypnosis, healing, cupping, phiilosophical aspects... This is the teacher I resonated the most with, the most genuine person I've met in my life and my life long teacher with whom I'll continue my studies for long term.

Transformind - Communication course
Over the course of 3 months I did a course on communication skills. We also did a lot of psychoanalytical work through my art. At this time I also had a personal mentor which became a very useful tool for self reflection.

Tai-Chi and QI gong - Master Kim and Ping - Yangshuo China
For 6 months I studied under the guidance of these 2 wonderful masters. It gave me a deeper insight into the connection between mind and body, the regulation of internal energy and also how to open up to movements. Style thought was classical Chen style, 18 and 74 form, and qi-gong forms.

TTC 250 Yoga teacher training - Shri Yogendraji Yoga institute of mumbai - India
For one month I studied at this institute the various principles of yoga, teaching and therapeutic applications. Style taught Hatha yoga with emphasis on self sustainability.

Yoga teachings - Brahmeshawar Yogi Pathak - Varanasi India
For about one moth I had private classes with a very gentle and knowledgeable teaching in Varanasi. Teaching me many aspects of yoga but also about Indian culture. Style taught Hatha yoga

Sound therapy - Chaitanyashree - Kathmandu Nepal
Everything is sound or vibration on its core level. For about one month we explored together aspect of myself and how this can become a source of healing.

Reiki - Belgium
By luck I had the change to study under a reiki master for one month. Teaching me to regain contact with my own internal self and insights into the process of healing.

Vipassana - S.N. Goenka - Nepal and Vietnam
Undergoing Vipassana teaches me many things every time I undertake its steps. I will keep on practicing these techniques for the rest of my life. It also made me realist the more subtle sensations of my body.

Martial arts - Master Guo - Yantai China
For a month I did intensive training in Wing Chun under the Guidance of Master Guo. It showed me various weaknesses in my body and gave me a deeper insight in to fight and group dynamics.

Astrology and other forms of reading - Varanasi India
In Varanasi I had the pleasure of studying with various teachers to get a deeper insight into these topics.

Tantra - Trika - Rishikesh India
A two month intensive into tantric practice. Basic Hatha Asanas, introduction into tantric philosophy. But for most part my interest here was in teacher, student, self dynamics and on how to find a balance within these.

There have been many other teachers, but those not labeled as teachers. I consider myself very lucky to have been able to spend long duration of time with the most intelligent people I know. And from these intensive and multicultural commutative moment I received the greatest understanding.