An honest mimic

FIELD Contemporary
July 15th 2016
Vancouver CA
Digital Video

As the wheel of life turns, the wheel forms its true but temporary shape. As an artist, Pieter Jossa is primarily concerned with the process of creation rather than the final shape an artwork takes. Too much attachment on the shape and one can stagnate on a delusion. The human construct is the true artwork. Placing upon it the symbols we define to be the true nature. Symbols which rule the mind by passing its powers down from morphic inheritance. Which is the collective unconscious. At first they form solid cubes in which the surface is noticeable, touchable, understandable forming a simplified deterministic nature. As we subdivide the surface the appearance becomes less cohesive and confusion sets in. An information overload takes its toll on the psyche, lost in symbolic translation. It is at this stage we either have to turn back to determinism by repressing the expansion or we learn to embrace it. As we embrace the endless data stream, the pearl gets more polished and we learn to no longer to walk on a distinguishable mesh but to glide on an endless surface.

This is the liquid state, the becoming of water and the end of the ladder. It is through Jossa’s unique artist expression that he learns to express, working ultimately towards his largest project - the conceptualization of the self. The realization of ones own livelihood by the regaining of symbolical power within ones own mind. There’s no predetermined path laid before you but a borrowed one by which you either accept or reconstruct. Realizing this construction is the quantum state. In which it’s no longer A or B but AB all at once. To know that the mind is within superposition at all times. Because there’s no governing force but your own beliefs that spring from a well of desire.

The digital age with its platforms becomes a reflection in the deepest mirror. Information is no longer bound by the border of a book or a mind but is constructed within a hive. As we surf the liquidity of its content we are no longer bound to our familiar surroundings to construct our identity. As we explore each other we discover the other within the self by deconstructing the ego. This presents a phase between two extremes, determinism and chaos. Between the fixations of one existence, the god of ones own ego, the selfie or the expansion of ones own existence, the endless complexity of our being.