The virtual body

This is part of a larger projects that's been developing for quite a long time. In simple terms, this concept deals with the visualization of body tension through biofeedback. The visitor lays down, gets massaged throughout the body and the tension gets measured through biofeedback (eeg, heart rate, respiration, gsr). A camera traces the hands movement and through software generates a map upon a model of the visitors body. After the practitioner has established a full check of the body she or he can then work deeper upon the areas with higher tension.

The more complex questioning is about the nature of consciousness. To which extend are such areas connected to rational thought? And to which extend can we modify a mental block (virtual) into the physical (body)? If we perceive the screen and focus on the area through physical but also mental attention. How much can such tensions be reduced within the body through interacting with this closed system? Which is related to another project MORPHOGENESIS

The construction of the self

As I perceive the self as a fixation within the void. The body and its physical blockages are equally part of that fixation and a definition of it. Sensation within the body define the human experience, no sensations at all would mean non-being. Since there's no resistance in the body, there's no perception or input. This equally reflects upon the in and out of mind and body. Physical contact register itself within the mind, but equally does tension in the mind register itself within the physical body. If not on a conscious level, then on a subconscious level. The body-systems keeps itself functioning through mind processes. Which are mental manifestation within the body as well. In optimal use (which is very unlikely) the body simply stays within homeostatic without mental interference. This would imply that there's no personality present, since there's no other mental tension beside homeostasis process.

From within this mind frame, I make a connection through mind and body as an artistic representation of the self. Through mental (thoughts, conscious effort) and physical (biofeedback, subconscious effort) develops a construction of a self that represents both. First as an artist process of bringing together of mind and body. Later as interaction with a ghost self to aid locations within ones own body. As a pseudo manifestation of a closed system, reality as morphic field assimilated through the connection to the self. This creative self healing system is part of another project.