This project is an ongoing research into the nature of reality and how its kept together. I express this issue trough art and philosophy.

Major questions

  • What keeps matter in a stable position within time space?
  • Wherein lays the information confined to contruct future organism?
  • How is mind and matter related in the construct of reality?
  • What's the relation between the collective and the material?

Beside questions there are applications in the form of psychotherapy and healing. The works shown on the right are some of the ideas and principles that made me come to these principles. But also the start of a more technical development, through the use of a biofeedback system and more technical applications.

Major outline of the project: Generating a quantum state

The quantum state is the state in which consciousness exists through it's own believe of it's existence. The inside is the outside generated within a closed system through feedback of the feedback.

The principle of assimilating this state:

The perceiver generates biofeedback which gets measures into a system. The system translates that biofeedback into an image (in this representation an abstract structure). The image gets viewed by the perceiver and influences the biofeedback, which at the same time influences the image….

Perceiver -> Biofeedback -> Image -> Perceiver

Herein we generated a pseudo closed system. Because it's impossible the exclude all in- and external stimuli. However it provides an insight into my thinking. How reality sustains itself through the collective unconscious, within a morphic field. Archetypes being the previous information, in this case the image and transmute through conscious interaction. Part of the system is stabilized by rigid support, these are the stronger archetypes.

Transmutation is not the effect of sudden drastic change but the transformation of current symbology through conscious interaction and creative will. At first change is always personal and eventually if circumstances align it transmutes society. Memetics are of the same principles and are currently reflected in this online culture. As an image gets likes, it gains conscious support shaping psychological factors into a new understand of that image (transmuting). For example humor changes by meme's, which are re-symbolized pieces of old information.